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i want to make a list of all the wonderful radfems i love but the last time i did that the genderists found it and relentlessly attacked all of them :( 

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tbh if i was a transsexual with sex dysphoria i’d be pretty pissed off at these little tumblr babies transtrending at every opportunity and claiming they’re real women bc they wear skirts one day a week. it’s like someone saying “wow i’m so bulimic” when they feel guilty about one meal they eat

fucking ridic 

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Heterosexuality and Feminism

Het women tend to do a lot to justify their attraction to men. I know, mainly because I am one of these women. The problem is that it’s hard to understand that fucking or dating men is not now, and never will be, a feminist action. Society expects/demands that we form relationships with men and devote ourselves to them; it’s not revolutionary to do as we’ve been told for centuries - in fact, it’s fairly reactionary. Men (particularly het men) are thoroughly devoid of empathy for women, and generally treat us as nothing more than objects. Men may be “good” on rare occasions, they may not be overtly misogynistic or racist or hateful, and we grasp at anything we can to make ourselves feel better about this attraction - this is a good dude, he thinks women are people, he doesn’t rape women, he doesn’t hit them, but without fail, he will fuck up. It’s not  that he’s necessarily a bad person, it’s that males have been trained since birth to not view women as human or equal, and it’s impossible to shed socialisation. I personally believe that my sexuality has been innate, but I understand that I will never know, as compulsory heterosexuality runs very deep. I have tried to block this attraction and seek political celibacy but it’s been quite difficult for me as I personally have many self esteem issues linked to my eating disorder and not having validation is a mental roadblock that is very harmful to me - I know this sounds like a cop out but it’s something I’ve been dealing with and is a big issue to me. Women need to have some cognitive dissonance to be able to be feminist and heterosexual, there’s no denying this, it’s almost impossible to find a man who is a true feminist ally and we will always bend over backwards to justify their actions. no matter how fucked up they are. I think it is possible to be heterosexual and to be a feminist, but it is in no way ideal. To be a feminist, one must always prioritise women and it is extremely difficult to do so when you’re going home to a man every night. 

However, it’s not always easy to cut ourselves off from men, only in a fantasy world can one decide one minute to have nothing to do with men. Women have many attachments to men that are often very difficult to sever - some women are financially, emotionally, physically dependent on their boyfriends/husbands and a lot of het women face domestic violence at alarming rates. It is thorough victim blaming to suggest that they brought this upon themselves by dating men and I refuse to turn my back on them. They are doing what’s been told to them since they were little girls - acquiescing to men. Some women will realise that political celibacy or lesbianism is the answer. Some women will remain with men. I think it’s very difficult to be a het feminist, but in all practicality we cannot expect women to rapidly estrange themselves from all the men in their lives, we must face the reality of the situation. Sometimes it is just not that easy. I think it’s necessary for het feminists to realise how often we are lesbophobic and how often we prioritise men. Being a radical feminist means that we must always centre our activism on women, especially marginalised women. Speaking over lesbians is something that we all have done (incl myself) and we must recognise when we are out of line and need to back off from talking about areas in which we have privilege. I think it is possible to sleep with men and still do work for women (incl but not limited to activism and working in shelters, helping women we personally know who have faced abuse/DV/rape) and I think it is a folly to suggest that we are “burning bridges” by being het. It is certainly ideal to cut off from men - women face more danger from being with men than swimming in a tank full of sharks and it’s important that we advise them of their options, as no one’s ever said it’s okay to not be with a man and to be with women instead. We cannot force them to do so, however, and it’s cruel to cut them off from our feminism as I believe our goal is to fight for all biological women and ensure they are safe. Marrying men goes against all of our ideals, fucking men is not revolutionary. Staying with men is not revolutionary. Dating men is not revolutionary, but sometimes our personal choices are important to us too. 

These are just my thoughts and I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks.

The idea that a person can chose their gender — in a world where millions of people, especially ‘cis-gendered’ women, are not free to choose who they marry, what they eat or whether or not their genitals are cut off and sewn up with barbed wire when they are still babies — and have their major beautification operations paid for by the National Health Service seems the ultimate privilege, so don’t tell me to check mine.
Julie Birchill
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trans proverb: what do you mean it’s rapey to force lesbian women to date transwomen?????? consent is great but i mean have you actually considered why you don’t want to do this???????? have you considered that maybe your boundaries just aren’t that important and you’re oppressing people???????????????????

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trans proverb: umm misogyny??? don’t you mean TRANSmisogyny? cis women aren’t oppressed. 

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Trans proverb: You can be as misogynistic as you want as long as you preface your bigotry with “dfab” or “cis women”.

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The joys of third wave fauxminism

- it’s liberating to participate in sexual acts that degrade and brutalise the female body, and parallel the dominant/submissive gender roles that exist in real life
- careers that dehumanise women and turn them into flesh objects being sold and traded by men (porn and prostitution) are hailed as empowering choices
- disabled men have the right to a woman’s body! Every man has the right to a woman’s body! PROGRESS!
- it’s empowering to completely dissociate the meaning of woman from female biology: we can’t name the problem because it oppresses men
- it’s liberating to think of the of the neo-vag, an inverted, hairy dick, as a vagina, because didn’t you know a vagina is just a hole to be fucked by men?
- it’s progressive to suggest being a woman is nothing but an idea in a man’s head, and that shared girlhood experiences mean nothing
- it’s progressive to suggest that lesbians should suck laydeecock, and be forced to endure corrective rape ala the cotton ceiling
- it’s empowering to suck all dicks at all times, heels are empowering, make up is empowering, LIBERATE YOURSELVES BY DOING EVERYTHING MEN HAVE ALWAYS WANTED YOU TO
- it’s empowering to steal terms created by lesbians to describe important aspects of their lives and identities - how dare biological women who love other biological women decide how to define themselves
- intersectionality, despite being created by woc to describe the struggles we face in mainstream feminism, should be used to valorise men and discuss their inclusion in feminism, because hey they’re wearing dresses. Who gives a shit about brown women, lesbian women, disabled women, or any biological woman for that matter
- it’s empowering to suggest that female biology is triggering and must be silenced, I mean this has never happened previously????? Female bodies have always been praised and celebrated!
- it’s empowering to suggest a man can be a woman just by saying so! He can love his dick, his beard, his male privilege but if he says he is a woman, goddamn it kitten, he is a woman!
- it’s empowering to give trans women all our resources, energy and safe spaces. Bio women who disagree should be called bitches and whores and chased out with pitchforks
-it’s empowering to call ourselves slurs we’ve never had the luxury to eschew, woc are hyper sexualised and eroticised but hey yeah we should call ourselves sluts because the whiteys think it’s a good idea!
- it’s empowering to tell women you disagree with to kill themselves
- it’s empowering to constantly claim bio women are oppressing bio men
- it’s progressive for white women who have constantly been privileged by white feminism to pretend to be against it

- it’s empowering to reduce womanhood to heels, hormones and makeup

Any more? please add!

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It makes me so happy when I think about how when I first started blogging about radical feminism in 2012 there were only 3 or 4 other vocal radfems on tumblr and now there are hundreds. The community is just what we need to fight against the gender brigade.

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LOL, i didn’t even tag that post with “trans”, but hey, if trans people continue flooding the radfem/radical feminism tags with woman-hating abuse, you better believe i will do a hell of a lot worse to the trans tag.

this is a friendly warning, as i know you’re all trawling this tag right now, frothing at the mouth