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omg i’m currently stuck between two herve leger dresses, and i cannot decide which one to buy because i’m worried one of them will be too low cut again like last time

also, the event i’m buying it for is a gala ball and apparently the other girls are wearing long dresses and both of these dresses are short

Jun 8, 2012

Guise, are stick on bras uncomfortable?

Jun 6, 2012 / 24 notes

guysss, i need help. i bought this herve leger dress last week and received it today, and i wanted to wear it to this event on friday but i have no idea what to wear underneath it because it’s so low cut, do you have any suggestions?

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Does anyone know how to add a “submit” page to their tumblr?

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I just ate medium-sized fries from McDonalds and half of one of their apple pies. I feel so depressed and sick and guilty. I hate myself. I can’t control myself, I can’t go to the gym because my membership recently expired, and I can’t go for a run outside because it’s pouring. What can I do to burn 200 cals in my own house?

Feb 1, 2012

Help and advice

Although I’m new to the pro-ana community, I’m here for anyone who needs to talk or needs help, at any time. <3