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I’m in a bit of dilemma right now. My openly out gay best friend just told me over msn that he thinks “bisexuals don’t exist” and they’re just “gay and in denial”. Then he went on to say how women are physically designed for domesticity. How do I respond to these things calmly in order to not start a heated argument? I don’t want to lose him as friend, but I find what he says unacceptable in so many ways.

any advice would be great?

Feb 22, 2012

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I just ate medium-sized fries from McDonalds and half of one of their apple pies. I feel so depressed and sick and guilty. I hate myself. I can’t control myself, I can’t go to the gym because my membership recently expired, and I can’t go for a run outside because it’s pouring. What can I do to burn 200 cals in my own house?

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Please reblog this if you’re a pro-ana, pro-mia, pro-ed or pro-ednos blog that has advice and thinspo, particularly if you’re in australia. I want to follow you!


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Food diary

I’m new to calorie counting, so I don’t know if I’m efficient yet. Here’s my daily intake anyway.


1 slice of wholemeal bread (90 calories, no spread)


1 small garden salad (homemade, no dressing, mostly lettuce- 50 calories)


1 small garden salad (homemade, no dressing, mostly lettuce- 50 calories)


1 square of Cadbury Dairy Milk (15 calories?)

TOTAL- 205 calories

Exercise- half an hour on the treadmill, extreme incline, 6.7 km/h, 300 calories burnt

NET: -95 calories

I suppose it’s been a good day considering yesterday I ate KFC…
If anyone has any tips or advice, please let me know. Also, follow me and I’ll back :))

Feb 1, 2012

Help and advice

Although I’m new to the pro-ana community, I’m here for anyone who needs to talk or needs help, at any time. <3