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I don’t understand why people who support transgenderism still call themselves radical feminists. It’s not a pick and choose kind of feminism like liberal feminism. It’s not choosy choice. To ID as a radical feminist, you must be gender-critical, anti porn/prostitution/BDSM, pro female liberation and the removal of patriarchy, and you must prioritise females. It’s really very simple. 

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  2. squeegee-beckenheim said: Hmm, I don’t know if I agree. I feel like all feminism is “pick & choose” feminism. Some strands have stronger arguments than others, and you have to be critical. However, it does seem irrational for a “radical feminist” to NOT be trans-critical.
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    Truthfully, this is why I always giggle when people call me a radfem. I mean, I’m pretty emphatically not? (Which is not...
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