Aug 24, 2012 / 13 notes

I shouldn’t have said anything.


I went and spoke against a redfem and once more, got handily attacked. Glad to be a trans*guy, I’m entirely sure it would have been worse were I a trans*woman trying to have a voice.

I dunno. Tired of this. And to you radfems (of Tumblr, at least)? Keep denying how utterly hateful you so often are toward trans* people, in whatever context. As far as bathrooms, people are there to take a piss, and no one should be afraid due to gender or genitalia, ergo unisex restrooms. Really simple.

yeah, you’re fucking right you piece of shit. You shouldn’t have said anything. You shouldn’t have implied that I was a rapist or that I wanted to feel you freaks up. You should admit that you’re hateful, misogynistic and dimwitted. I will not back down on this, trans women will never belong in women’s bathrooms. 

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    The whole point of separate women’s restrooms is that women reasonably are afraid to undress and be vulnerable in spaces...
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    stupid wimmins, why don’t they back down when some handmaiden or misogynist piece of shit comes after them? the...