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Sex Selective Abortion in India

Okay, well I was reading an article (it’s fairly old now) about the right wing political party in India wanting to call sex-selective abortion “female foeticide”, and make it illegal (with the same punishments one would face should they actually murder a person) in order to fix the imbalanced sex ratio. This party is not like the far-right Republicans in the way that they want to curb the rights of women, and its main tenets are humanism, hindu nationalism, small government, free market capitalism, and “equality for all regardless of sex, age, caste” etc— and also, they do not intend to make abortion as a whole illegal. 

Several left wing people wrote them a letter (which got published in one of the national newspapers) saying “Abortion should not be referred to as ‘foeticide’, which has anti-abortion implications that we reject, for we believe that all women have the right to decide when and whether to bear and give birth to children. Making sex-selective abortions (wrongly referred to as ‘female foeticide’), a murder charge will only increase illegal abortions and also make access to safe abortion difficult for women, who already do not have many choices regarding their own reproductive rights. Safe and legal abortion is a woman’s right. Abortion is legal in India.”

Although I do not live in India, that is where my family is originally from and I’m not quite sure which side to take here. What do you guys think?

  1. sendforbromina answered: they’d only find more brutal ways to abort or dispose of the fetus. instead they should focus on changing the attitudes that lead to this
  2. furiosity answered: The people responsible for the pressure to abort female fetuses are not the women having the abortions. Abortion is not murder.
  3. caffeinesbian answered: I have to take the pro-choice side of this. I believe the mother is of more concern than a fetus though sex selective abortion is wrong.
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