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Female stuff

guys, do y’all use tampons and stuff

i dunno if i should, they look so uncomfortable 

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    I hate them personally. Tried it once or twice, couldn’t even really get it in right without it hurting like hell. Plus...
  2. sherantothelighthouse said: I don’t use tampons. The fact that it absorbs all scares me. I don’t want my vaginal microflora altered haha
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    They are not as uncomfortable as you might think, just don’t get the store brand. I use tampons on my heavy days and...
  4. unlikelyheroine said: I didn’t want to use them for the longest time. They weren’t as uncomfortable as I imagined, but I always take them out on the next occasion when I go to the loo (my periods are extremely heavy) and tend to alternate them with pads.
  5. sendforbromina said: i use a menstrual cup now (ahaha) but before that i used pads because tampons freaked me out too. they look weird.
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