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why is womanhood the only thing that’s being deconstructed and hidden behind trigger warnings by these genderfreaks? Why aren’t we deconstructing what a man really is, and putting erections and talks about them or ejaculations behind trigger warnings?

why is it always only okay to attack women? STOP ERASING FEMALE REALITY. 

Gee, I don’t know. Because you’re mainly targeting trans women?

this just in, WoC targeting trans women with all their privilege


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    I don’t think hedonisticparadise knows what “erasure” means. Talking about cis and trans women’s experiences doesn’t...
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    If your point is that having a penis and ejaculating and having erections makes you a manThen you don’t really have a...
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    Took literally two minutes for the “females ejaculate and have erections too” bullshit hun you’re proving my point
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    Reminds me of when I took LGBT: Critical Perspectives and this really nice girl I sat next to (who I have reason to...
  6. the-uncensored-she said: It’s a new femicidal tactic.