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look, guys, we’re not the orgasm police

we don’t want to stop you having enjoyable sex

but think about it… you’re getting off to the nightmare of women around the world.  you are getting off to people being humiliated, tortured, dehumanised and traumatised. Is your orgasm really worth it? Or are there other fantasies you could be having? Stop eroticising the pain of women. 

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    Jesus you people need to throw your computers out the fucking windows.
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    Hey there, I’m a guy who follows Hedonisticparadise and I really doubt she meant to say men don’t get raped. The truth...
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    There’s got to be a bigger context for that comment right? Surely, you can’t be equating orgasms with rape. If that was...
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    mimimimimimi :’( what a logic, girl, what a logic!
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    How about this gets amended to “if its non consensual its not cool” and we include all genders on the list of people to...
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    I’m gonna get off to what I want to. It’s a thing called fantasy. I have a very dark mind when it comes to stuff like...
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    because men (cis or trans*), or other gender’d folks can’t get raped. lol ok
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