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MEN harm transgender people
MEN have institutional power
MEN do not generally read the works of radical feminists
MEN rape, kill, torture and maim trans women
MEN are the causes of your problems.

why do you attack women with so much more intensity? Why are you fucking silent when your actual oppressors are in your face, yelling at you and knocking you to the ground with both physical and verbal blows? Our trans criticism is NOT getting you killed, these same men don’t give a shit about women or our opinions, they will continue to rape, kill, eradicate and erase us just as they oppress you institutionally. I know women are easy targets. Our supposed weakness and inferiority is so deeply ingrained into society that most people think our role is natural and ordained by our vaginae. Men hate us, and we’re taught to hate ourselves. We’re taught to put ourselves last, to cut up our very selves to serve men and children. We’re taught to be doormats, to be slaves, to be sexually subservient, we’re taught that our shackles are something nature intended for us. I get it, you’re angry, and we’re your only disposal units. You can’t stand up to men. Men will rip you to shreds. Men will physically cut you into pieces. Men will rape your bodies, men will stick knives into you once they’re done sticking their dicks in you. What will women do? We’ll pity you. We’ll put you before ourselves. Our guilt will eat us up inside and we’ll feel compelled to put you, as biological males, at the top of our priority list. I get it, we’re an easy option. We are the patriarchy’s doormats. We’re the pity sponge. You can attack us and not only will our own kind support you, they’ll encourage you, because women hate women too, you see! Everyone hates women. How dare women have an opinion, how fucking dare they oppose a biological male. We must cut these bitches down and put them in their place. It’s  much more logical to attack us women, we are, after all, the patriarchy’s punching bags.

No, trans people, you are not being revolutionary.  You’re not fighting the patriarchy. You’re hurting women, you’re abusing women, you’re threatening women with physical harm for voicing their opinions. You’re playing the victim and robbing women of the few opportunities they have to congregate and escape the male gaze and male aggression. You’re defining women and lesbians out of existence. You’re being exactly what you are— MALE. 

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    I like how they put “trans people” — just to make sure to lump us all together (be they trans* women or men) — and then...
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    amen jess. not to mention that trans* women, PARTICULARLY trans* women of color are at times subject to more violence...
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