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"And I am white and yes, when you attack a women of color with racist code and respond a white person who’s done the work needed to detect and explicate that racist shit that they’re not ‘allowed’ to call out your white supremacy-upholding self, then yes, that’s regressive. It’s a sick appropriation of anti-racist discourse for white supremacist ends.

I don’t care what color you are, you are upholding white supremacy by using racism as a tool to attack women who aren’t on your radscum bandwagon. You’re a monster. Fuck off.”

- Ghosts of Algren

i think this the most vile piece of racism i’ve seen in ages. How DARE you claim I’m upholding “white supremacy” you dirty piece of trash. I never usually say this, but you need to fucking check your privilege, whitey. Stop talking down to PoC, stop using racism and misogyny against radical feminists because you disagree with our views. You are absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is such a boring whitey tactic of trying to back PoC into a corner thru absolute bullshit, and you try to act like PoC are too stupid to understand white supremacy. Go and fuck yourself. 

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