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is primarily a white, euro/americentric middle-class movement filled with people who believe race and trans* issues are “distracting to the struggle of fighting the patriarchy.” Wow. How radical you are continuing the tradition of first wavers.

Here are things I’ve heard radscum say:

“there are women of color in the feminist movement!” [is that the new “I’m not racist I have black friends”?]

“transwomen are just not open to criticism.” [lul irony]

Wow, fucking moron, can you please fuck off and stop silencing us WoC radical feminists just to make your point? HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO KEEP STATING WE EXIST; WE ARE NOT POLITICAL PAWNS FOR WHITEYS. STOP TRYING TO SPEAK FOR US, YOU DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT US, YOU JUST USE US TO VILIFY A MOVEMENT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. MOST of us are WoC, I’m so sick of you ignorant  bigots traipsing into our tag with this uninformed, ridiculous bullshit, I must’ve made about 20 posts already about the vast majority of WoC radfems, as have other WoC radfems; no matter how many times we say it, you and others like you continue to ignore us and steamroll over our words with your whitey political agenda. This is WHY we’re not liberal feminists, we deserve to have a voice too, we are not just argument tactics, and you do NOT care about us at all. Radical feminism fights for US, you bastards try to silence us and back us into a corner with your political correctness; you use a movement we fought for to prioritise males and render us as talking points rather than human beings.

Kindly fuck right off and take your self righteousness with you. We do not need anymore bigots. I know you think that being white means you’re right all the time and that you have to speak for those poor silly little WoC, but we’d be a lot happier without you and the fauxminists you align yourself with. Also, you look like a guy in your display, so we ESPECIALLY don’t need you speaking for women, particularly WoC. 

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    I think radfems claiming hooks and Lorde is the new version of Libertarians claiming Paine and Orwell.
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    did you read my blog? whiteness? really yall? also have i ever heard of a good chunk of my library? I didn’t say the WOC...
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    Yes, but now you’re drinking the whiteness kool-aid. There’s about a thousand posts that we - radical WOC- see EVERY DAY...