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I’m glad that you feel it’s an accomplishment to silence and attack a group of females who want to meet to discuss our issues. I’m glad you feel so threatened by us and our chance at autonomy that you just must shut us down, even though we would happily fight for trans-only spaces. I’m glad that you are reveling in this extreme woman hatred.

You know when your ideology aligns with the MRAs you need to fix things, right? MRAs want to shut down RadFem2012, and so do trans cultists. Two sides of the same coin. Thanks for proving your similarities and your equal hatred of all things female. 

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe RadFem 2012 sought to exclude trans* women from the event. I find it laughable...
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    RadFem 2012 was turned down by Conway Hall for discriminating between cis women and trans women in a way which violated...
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