May 25, 2012 / 16 notes

Seriously, if I hear one more white social justice sally/liberal feminist whining about how the radical feminist movement is not inclusive to women of colour, after explicitly being told a million times by women of colour that we feel very included and that RF fights for us in a way that liberal feminism cannot, I’m going to physically hurt someone. 

Radical feminism is not a classist/ableist/racist/homophobic movement.  It is a movement that works to dismantle the patriarchy, which is beneficial to ALL women and men. If you’re going to criticise it, at least use valid points. Is a coherent, logical argument to much to ask for?

  1. triguenaista said: I find it strange because radfeminism is the ONLY one I’ve seen to unite LBGQQIA, poor/wealthy and WoC of different feminisms and create amazingly inclusive literature.
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