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"feminazi" vs "radscum"

It’s disgusting to see feminists actually using the term “radscum”. How can you actually fucking justify this when you’re so vehemently against “feminazi”? Do you not understand that they both refer to women (and sometimes men) as less than human because we stand up for the rights of other women?
Where’s the unity?

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    Can everyone please stop hating everyone else like for fuck sake. It’s pathetic how you all can squabble over the most...
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    See, the thing is, OP, there would be more unity if you weren’t utterly ignoring/belittling trans*women. So.
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    ableism, appropriation of the shoah etc. The bottom line is that radscum are the worst, and anyone who thinks that is a...
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    Because feminazi is a term made up by the religious right to paint all feminists as psycho radicals, and radscum is a...
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    Except that you’re completely uninterested in the rights of Trans* women. So, yeah, people are right to be pissed off at...
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    Yes, because it’s so fucking offensive, using a mildly insulting term to call out “fellow feminists” for being...
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    hmm.. I’ve been familiar with the term “feminazi” from reading on masculist blogs. I don’t mind it. These people can...
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    tl;dr: This is [part of] why I don’t call myself a feminist. "Gender equality" isn’t really equality if any group (men,...
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    This is why I stopped callimg myself a feminist. I’m a genderqueer, non binary mother, and there is clearly no room for...
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